Tips On Focusing a Search on YouTube

The social media site, YouTube, was launched in 2005 by Google. Over a decade of accumulated videos are available. They contain a lot of information on thousands of topics, so some sort of search is needed to find anything. There are general categories that are displayed on the homepage of the site to get people started. That gives people a feel for the format and an idea of how to move around the site. Sports, gaming, and music, for example, are specified, and there are options for trending topics and news stories. Once a category is selected, there are more options to help focus the search. People who select music, will then be able to select among different types of music.

A search box is located at the top of the page to help people narrow down possibilities of relevant videos for just about any situation. Being specific in the keywords or phrases entered, is one way to really focus a search. Entering in “smartphones”, for example, will yield one and a half million results. Entering “smartphone applications” yields four-hundred thousand results, which is not as overwhelming, but still a lot of options. A more specific phrase of “cellphone applications” yields nineteen-thousand results. Try to figure out exactly what information is needed before entering keywords for a search. It will save a lot of time.

Another tip is to use a company or individual name for a search whenever possible. Most companies and individuals who post videos frequently, will create a channel within the site. That will lead users directly to the specific information. Looking for cellphone applications will take less time, if a company is entered into the search box. It could be a manufacturer, such as Android, or an application company, such as Caller Smart. The search will then be focused on this YouTube user channel. People can then subscribe to that particular channel, and be alerted to any new videos posted. A subscription also creates quick access to that channel at any time. Recommendations for other channels are then presented, based on subscriptions and recently viewed videos. The site is very user-friendly so there are help sections and suggestions for searches to lead people in the right direction.